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Transoral excision Wharton duct calculation

Fig 1 Discharge of pus and blood from Wharton's duct right pelvic massage oral

In patients with scialolitiasi (Salivary gland calculi) submandibular gland can evaluate excision of Transoral route calculation (through the mouth). The procedure can be performed in most cases under local anesthesia.
The case presented involves a patient who has had an acute infection of the submandibular gland right with copious discharge of pus and blood from Wharton to massage the gland duct and pelvis oral (Fig 1).
After a few days of antibiotic and cortisone, cured the infection, you appreciate palpatoriamente a Wharton duct calculation right.
Under local anesthesia, you identify the outlet Wharton duct, You specilla the learned, cuts the papilla and the duct up to recognize the calculation (Fig 2), that is so removed (Fig 4). You can then marsupializzare the learned (Fig 3).

Fig 2 Identification of the calculation after recording the papilla and the Wharton duct right


Fig 3 Wharton duct marsupialization right


Fig 4 The voluminous excised calculation, about 22 mm