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What does l ’ Otolaryngologist?

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The Otolaryngologist is the specialist Physician-Surgeon who manages outpatient and surgical diseases of the neck, salivary glands, pharynx, of the larynx, oral cavity, of the nose, paranasal sinuses, balance and ear, both of the BABY that of the adult.

In particular:

NOSE, SINUSES, NASOPHARYNX: nasal septum deviation, inferior turbinate hypertrophy, narinale valve collapse, acute and chronic sinusitis, nasal polyposis, benign and malignant tumors of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses, lacrimal obstruction (Conditioner epiphora), epistaxis, atrophic rhinitis, nasal manifestations of autoimmune diseases. alteration of the appearance of the nasal pyramid (corrected by Rhinoplasty), nasopharyngeal cord growths, adenoid hypertrophy, adenoiditis.

EAR and balance: acute ear infections, effusive and chronic diseases, tympanic membrane perforation (effusive otitis media), ear infections from immersion (Barotraumatic), itching, hearing loss, Tinnitus, Vertigo and instability.

ORAL CAVITY and OROPHARYNX: benign growths, malignant and precancerous oral cavity minor salivary gland and, Burning mouth syndrome, an arrangement of the oral mucosal dryness (iposcialia), tonsillar hypertrophy, infectious/inflammatory diseases (tonsillitis, pharyngitis), obstructive sleep apnea framing.

Neck and SALIVARY GLANDS: benign and malignant tumors of the neck, cystic lesions, surgical diseases of the thyroid gland (goiter, nodules, malignant tumors), evaluation and classification of neck adenopathies, benign and malignant tumors of salivary glands, calculations and inflammatory diseases of major salivary glands.

PHARYNX and LARYNX: benign and malignant tumors (nodules, polyps, Reinke's edema, cysts, vocal cord solucus) larynx and pharynx, voice disorders (dysphonia) or the singing voice (disodia), classification of swallowing disorders (Dysphagia), adenotonsillare hypertrophy, infectious/inflammatory diseases (laryngitis), obstructive sleep apnea and framing laringopatia gastroesofogeo reflux.

The Otolaryngologist also takes care of the framing and excision of tumors of the lips and skin of the face and forehead.

The Otolaryngologist may also be involved in the diagnosis and management of MANY SYSTEMIC DISEASES such as headaches and autoimmune diseases (Wegener's, Churg-Strauss Syndrome, Prader Willi, Sjogren)