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I plugged ear What should I do?

When you notice a decrease in hearing which happens from time to time it is important that a doctor should assess the ear.
The most common cause of a decline of & #8217; hearing occurring at any moment all & #8217; another is the Earwax stopper, harmless and non-urgent condition. However, there are other situations that require rapid treatment as l’sudden hearing loss or others that require a specialized framework (ES effusive otitis media, Meniere's syndrome)

Often form Earwax plugs, What can I do?

When it forms a plug of earwax unfortunately there are many solutions: You should contact a professional that will remove. The drops are often able to soften the CAP but hardly manage to dissolve it entirely; DIY methods are rarely decisive and can cause damage to the ear and the tympanic membrane.
After removing removing the Cork Board to my patients a trick to minimize potential reform (only in case of tympanic membrane integrates): periodically, pour a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in the external ear canal and leave to act for a few minutes. In this way they should disband the small scales of earwax that form. Is not a method based on scientific evidence but a reasonable, simple and economical advice based on common sense.