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I have a thyroid tumor, should I go to the Otolaryngologist or the Surgeon General?

Often in medicine and surgery there are no definitions of competencies and net thyroid surgery is an area that is managed by General Surgeons by otolaryngologists. But we must remember that not all general surgeons or surgeons ENT specialists concern themselves of thyroid surgery. It seems more correct to speak of surgeons (regardless of specialty) dealing with thyroid. And’ so important to rely on a center that follow this type of pathology that support meaningful endocrinologists, sonographers, radiologists and relations with nuclear medicine centres. If there is absolutely no doubt that there are very valid general surgeons that have important cases of thyroid surgery it is also true that the Otolaryngologist has a great knowledge of the anatomy of the neck, not only of the thyroid. This better anatomical knowledge can be very helpful in managing complex cancers that infiltrate the thyroid tissue adjacent or involving the lymph nodes in the neck.