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Cocaine damage to his nose and face

Fig 1 hard palate drilling from cocaine abuse

Cocaine is a drug with anesthetic and vasoconstrictor effect, hired mainly for nasal.
Cocaine reduces the vascularization of the mucous membranes that crosses causing a major pain (Fig 2). The mucous membranes of the nasal septum and, subsequently, of the entire nasal cavity and nasopharynx go necrosis. You have a repair attempt with abundant secretions and scabs. In most cases the continuous exposure to this drug leads to a complete destruction of structures. In other cases, scarring attempts lead to the formation of granulation tissue (Fig 3) that tends to clog and completely close the nasal passages making breathing impossible.

Both destructive lesions of cystic Neoplasms that worsen nasal breathing and cause pain. The subjects are a fleeting benefit sniffing further: cocaine is able to temporarily deflate the mucous membranes slightly improving breathing and survivors to numb the nose by reducing the pain. This creates a dangerous vicious circle.
Coca involves initially the nasal septum and, subsequently, the side walls and the floor of the nasal cavity, that corresponds to the palate.

Fig 2: initial lesions of the mucous membrane of the nasal septum from cocaine
Fig 3: Granulomatous lesions by cocaine that led to complete occlusion of the nasal cavities that make possible the exploration with endoscope

An important scaffold septal injury nose no longer determines: the tip and the bridge of the nose can collapse with major facial disfigurement (Fig 4).
The destruction of the palate makes it difficult or impossible to power (Fig 5): the food and fluids escape from the nose.
In more advanced stages you may have nasal and nasopharyngeal roof involvement up to create a communication with the brain, life-threatening condition.
The fabrics are covered with scabs and necrosis are a breeding ground for infections that can also be very serious.

Fig 4: collapse of the nasal pyramid for destruction of the nasal septum from cocaine abuse
Fig 5: destruction of the palate that does not make it more possible nutrition naturally (It was necessary to place a nasogastric tube)

An isolated use of cocaine is not likely to cause injury, Unfortunately there are people who despite using this amazing not immoderate, exhibit very serious injuries.
There are other diseases (carcinomas, lymphomas, Wegener's Granulomatosis) You can presentarasi in a manner similar to the lesions induced by cocaine; It is therefore essential that the patient State doctor the use of the substance in order to avoid unnecessary and lengthy investigations.
The best treatment is complete and final abstention.
The clinician may make outpatient toilets, recommend washing, applications of ointments and try to heal the superinfection.
Surgical reconstructive procedures have a high failure rate even after prolonged abstention.