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Abscess of the ear – otoematoma

Left auricle abscess after piercing placement (removed)

Trauma and foreign bodies can cause infections of the ear, If the pus can't escape outside can accumulate in the Hall, creating a swelling.
Sometimes an ear trauma can cause bleeding that accumulates in the Hall by creating a otoematoma, a swelling that look very similar to an abscess but in the absence of infectious processes.

To treat properly the otoematoma that the abscess of the Pavilion are insufficient medical therapies. In fact the pus and blood wind between the perichondrium and the cartilage by decreasing the vascularization of the latter facility that can so go to major necrosis resulting in aesthetic issues.
And’ therefore essential to engrave the collection and draw the pus/blood but not enough, collecting tends to stock quickly. You make a particular medication in which some gauze blocks front and back to the Pavilion using a point that crosses the Hall so that gauze continue to compress the Pavilion.