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COVID-19 what is the true lethality of the virus?

And’ clear to everyone that the real number of infected is significantly higher than stated by the official numbers that refer to positive tampons.

Admitting as real the declared number of deaths, if we increase the denominator it lowers the real lethality of the virus.

I'll point out a’interesting analysis to try to calculate this value

This is the summary of the analysis, layered by age group

Their results seem plausible to me and in line with Literature.

Consider that mortality can be strongly influenced by the efficiency of health systems: without treatment, mortality increases by 2-5 Times.

Another consideration if you admit that you are overestimating lethality you must automatically admit that you are underestimating contagion: if the real infected are many more it means that COVID-19 is less lethal but much more contagious.