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Diet and recommendations after tonsillectomy

L ’ intervention of tonsillectomy is a very simple procedure for the surgeon, routine, sure but it still sees a low complication rate.
The most feared complication is that you cannot reset hemorrhagic nohow. The bleeding risk remains regardless of any foresight or technology used in surgery.
The most critical days for bleeding are the first 2-3 days after ’ from the eleventh to the fourteenth ’ intervention and after the procedure.

There are certain precautions that patients must have in order to minimize the risk of bleeding to maintain for at least 20 days:
DIET: It is very important to eat a diet composed of hot liquids or soft foods and not. You can definitely take broths, soups, vegetable soups, creme, ice cream, mashed, baby food but you can also hire more palatable foods like cottage cheese, cheese, soft, mozzarella (as long as shredded with a fork). You can also eat some cured meats like ham and cured meats of chicken or Turkey as long as “crushed” with the knife and fork. The biscuits you can eat after they are mushy in milk or you (Luke warm) I definitely avoid bread crust, breadsticks and pizza. Personally advise against the dough although scald: can form a “mash” that creeps into lodges tonsil stones making it difficult l ’ hygiene. You can eat pasta in small denominations not hot.
Advice to avoid drinking through a straw or with a bottle (He described how can break sucking)
ACTIVITIES’ PHYSICS: We recommend resting for 4-5 days and not to make any sport or physical effort for 3 weeks
Avoid exposure to heat ’: You should not stay in the Sun and do not stay near heat sources (radiators, oven, blow dryer)
DO NOT TAKE NON-STEROIDAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DRUGS (FANS): medications of this class (Aspirin, Nurofen, Brufen, Voltaren, Novalgina, Froben and many others) increase the risk of hemorrhage and should be undertaken only after talking with your doctor.
I must mention that unfortunately a small risk of bleeding is also following all the recommendations with the utmost diligence.