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I can do Rhinoplasty with the NHS?

No, the national health care system does not reimburse cosmetic interventions so you can't do l ’ intervention of Rhinoplasty for free.
Even the vast majority of private health insurance doesn't cover cosmetic interventions. Sometimes those with a dysmorphic nasal pyramid also has a nasal breathing problem attributable to nasal septum deviation or all ’ inferior turbinate hypertrophy. In these cases the insurance companies could repay much of rhinoseptoplasty surgery ’

I have to have surgery on the nose, I will put the swabs?

Nasal swabs are used to reduce the risk of bleeding in the immediate postoperative. Niguarda hospital in Milan the swabs are placed in septoplasty and Endoscopic Sinus surgery. Uses tampons made from soft sponges, covered with a plastic film whose removal is almost painless, In fact, Thanks to new materials, the swabs glide very well and their removal is always smooth and rapid.

The LASER used in nasal surgery?

The LASER is an important tool for the surgeon, There are different types of LASER instruments, each with a very specific usage. And’ an essential tool for some interventions but absolutely superfluous to other interventions! L & #8217; Niguarda hospital has multiple types of instruments that are used on a daily basis where they serve, especially in surgical oncology.

LASER nasal surgery tools role is rather limited and most unnecessary interventions. And’ How to have a racing car in the garage and a & #8217; compact car, If you are running on the track is more suitable for the sports car but if your going in the historic heart of a city … It is certainly more convenient l & #8217; compact car!

Those who promote with very, often too, Fury l & #8217; use of lasers often does for marketing reasons, Be careful!