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I plugged ear What should I do?

When you notice a decrease in hearing which happens from time to time it is important that a doctor should assess the ear.
The most common cause of a decline of & #8217; hearing occurring at any moment all & #8217; another is the Earwax stopper, harmless and non-urgent condition. However, there are other situations that require rapid treatment as l’sudden hearing loss or others that require a specialized framework (ES effusive otitis media, Meniere's syndrome)

Often form Earwax plugs, What can I do?

When it forms a plug of earwax unfortunately there are many solutions: You should contact a professional that will remove. The drops are often able to soften the CAP but hardly manage to dissolve it entirely; DIY methods are rarely decisive and can cause damage to the ear and the tympanic membrane.
After removing removing the Cork Board to my patients a trick to minimize potential reform (only in case of tympanic membrane integrates): periodically, pour a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in the external ear canal and leave to act for a few minutes. In this way they should disband the small scales of earwax that form. Is not a method based on scientific evidence but a reasonable, simple and economical advice based on common sense.

I have a thyroid tumor, should I go to the Otolaryngologist or the Surgeon General?

Often in medicine and surgery there are no definitions of competencies and net thyroid surgery is an area that is managed by General Surgeons by otolaryngologists. But we must remember that not all general surgeons or surgeons ENT specialists concern themselves of thyroid surgery. It seems more correct to speak of surgeons (regardless of specialty) dealing with thyroid. And’ so important to rely on a center that follow this type of pathology that support meaningful endocrinologists, sonographers, radiologists and relations with nuclear medicine centres. If there is absolutely no doubt that there are very valid general surgeons that have important cases of thyroid surgery it is also true that the Otolaryngologist has a great knowledge of the anatomy of the neck, not only of the thyroid. This better anatomical knowledge can be very helpful in managing complex cancers that infiltrate the thyroid tissue adjacent or involving the lymph nodes in the neck.

I have labyrinthitis, that therapy should I do?

Often the term labyrinthitis is used very inappropriately to define the crisis of Vertigo. To understand what is the most appropriate treatment is first of all need to understand exactly what type of syndrome It is making an accurate assessment otovestibolare. Only then you can set the correct therapy

I have a papilloma, It is dangerous for me? And for the partner?

The papillomas are small growths that may involve mucous membranes of the head and neck, especially of the mouth and pharynx. These growths are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV).
When we talk about HPV is easy to make panic: family of HPV viruses in fact are the same that cause genital lesions (the roost) and that may encourage the formation of malignant neoplasms (carcinomas) both of the upper airway that genitals BUT histological types that cause cervical cancers are different from those that cause papillomas!!
The risk that a papilloma degenerate into carcinoma is so low.
Often patients are concerned about the possible transmission to their sexual partners. The HPV virus is a ubiquitous virus that infects the 70% of the population, in most subjects without any symptoms. The risk of sexual transmission is then present but should not worry excessively.
In any case it is advisable to remove papillomas, procedure generally rather simple

Do tonsillectomy with LASER?

The LASER is an important tool for the surgeon, There are different types of LASER instruments, each with a very specific usage. And’ an essential tool for some interventions but absolutely superfluous to other interventions! Niguarda hospital has multiple types of lasers that are used on a daily basis where they serve, especially in surgical oncology.

Over the years several studies have been conducted to assess the usefulness of new technologies in tonsillectomy: any new technology has proven to be significantly better than the traditional technique, both in terms of risk of bleeding than surgical time.
The traditional technique involves the removal of the tonsils with scalpels and scissors and Haemostasis with bipolar forceps.

Those who promote with very aggressive LASER often does for marketing reasons, Be careful!

My son has huge tonsils, must remove them?

The palatine tonsils are Lymphoid organs that perform their function especially in childhood. And’ normal that children have larger tonsils than adults and the size itself is not an indication for surgery. The tonsils are removed mainly or because the child suffers from frequent tonsillitis or because the tonsils, If very large, can make breathing difficult, especially during sleep, causing sleep apnea.

I have to have surgery on the nose, I will put the swabs?

Nasal swabs are used to reduce the risk of bleeding in the immediate postoperative. Niguarda hospital in Milan the swabs are placed in septoplasty and Endoscopic Sinus surgery. Uses tampons made from soft sponges, covered with a plastic film whose removal is almost painless, In fact, Thanks to new materials, the swabs glide very well and their removal is always smooth and rapid.

The LASER used in nasal surgery?

The LASER is an important tool for the surgeon, There are different types of LASER instruments, each with a very specific usage. And’ an essential tool for some interventions but absolutely superfluous to other interventions! L & #8217; Niguarda hospital has multiple types of instruments that are used on a daily basis where they serve, especially in surgical oncology.

LASER nasal surgery tools role is rather limited and most unnecessary interventions. And’ How to have a racing car in the garage and a & #8217; compact car, If you are running on the track is more suitable for the sports car but if your going in the historic heart of a city … It is certainly more convenient l & #8217; compact car!

Those who promote with very, often too, Fury l & #8217; use of lasers often does for marketing reasons, Be careful!