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The dangers of smoking to the larynx

Smokers are exposing their larynx for a strong and prolonged stress, in fact, cigarette smoke is an important oxidizer which causes a chronic inflammatory State and, in the long run, results in the formation of malignant tumors.

Initially occurs a form of chronic laryngitis that gives a few symptoms and no apparent anomaly all ’ fibroscopico examination, the voice is the first alarm bell and proves more hoarse and “stiff” (sclerofonia).

After years of smoking problems may be more serious.

One possibility is that the ’ inflammation causes fluid buildup under the vocal cords, Reinke's space: the vocal cords appear swollen as balloons and voice becomes rather hoarse and unpleasant (dysphonia). This situation is called the Reinke's edema.

Framework of bilateral Edema Reinke
Framework of bilateral Edema Reinke

Initially quitting smoking can allow excess fluid to deflate and the situation can be reversible but if the edema is present for a long time the liquid is organized into a compact gel that no longer reabsorbs. L ’ only way to restore the situation is surgery that is ’ engraving the surface of ropes v

ocali and ’ gel/liquid removal.

A ’ other possibility is that the vocal cords are trying to defend themselves by producing a layer of keratin (a white coating). This situation is a wake-up call because it can also be the manifestation of a precancerous or laryngeal laryngeal Carcinoma.

If data damage from smoking persist over time you can have the formation of malignant tumors that tend to rise and can spread to adjacent organs, to lymph nodes and, more rarely, at a distance (metastasis).

right vocal cord Carcinoma
right vocal cord Carcinoma