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profilirinoplasticaRhinoplasty is the surgery that allows ’ aesthetic nose correction.

The shape of the nose is determined by its skeleton consists of bones, fibroadipose tissue and cartilage. The surgeon as a sculptor is able with numerous techniques to modify the shape of the “skeleton of the nose” changing the appearance of the nasal pyramid ’. And’ a complex surgical procedure that requires a great surgical skill and a good experience. Is done either by Otolaryngologists who by plastic surgeons, the former can combine l ’ switching to procedures to improve nasal breathing by correcting the nasal septum (septoplasty), reducing the thickness of the inferior turbinate mucosa (turbinoplasty) and endoscopic procedures for sinusitis (FESS).

And’ a surgery lasting about 2 hours, requires 1 night's shelter after ’ surgery. At the San Raffaele di Milano the placement of nasal tampons is absolutely awesome.

The procedure, being an aesthetic procedure, is not covered by the health system; some insurance companies may partially repay the cost of the surgical steps to improve ’ intervention covering nasal breathing (settoturbinoplastica).