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Lingua villosa nigra

Lingua villosa nigra
Villosa nigra language framework

The language is an unusual condition where villosa nigra is a ’ important proliferation of microorganisms on the dorsum of the tongue. The colony, more frequently composed of bacteria, It's so large as to be visible to the naked eye as a dark spot, filamentosa.

Lingua villosa nigra
Detail of the previous image in which we observe the filaments of bacterial colonies

This situation often terrorizes patients even if it's completely painless, asymptomatic and harmless. To get rid of the stain is to create a hostile environment to the colony by brushing your tongue more times a day with a small brush or soft brush and making frequent oral rinses with water and baking soda.

Only rarely is it necessary to conduct further investigations or treatments.

the same patient after only 3 weeks of treatment
The same patient after only 3 weeks of treatment