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Laryngeal Papillomatosis

Left vocal cord Papillomatosis

The laryngeal Papillomatosis is a disease caused by viruses belonging to the family of Papovaviridae (HPV) mainly 6 and 11 which is characterized by the appearance of papillary lesions laryngeal mucosa morphology exophytic lesions, characterized by high rate of recurrence after treatment.
The main location of the disease is laryngeal level, the lesions are seen less frequently throughout the aero-digestive tract.
The disease is characterized by recurrent clinical course, time-varying, ranging from spontaneous resolutions up to multiple relapses over periods of wellness 20 years.
And’ a benign disease, However, associated with high morbidity for possible wide diffusion the Airways, for the recurrent and trend for malignant transformation even though infrequent.
It recognizes an infantile form, and one of the adult. Diagnosis in children is usually by the fifth year of life. The adult form typically occurs in the third decade of life. The infantile form has has a more aggressive, greater the earlier the onset
In adults the disease has a less aggressive, multiple surgeries are needed to obtain complete healing from illness.
And’ very frequent outbreaks of dysplasia within lesions and lesions to malignancy degeneration is possible.
And’ always appropriate to a surgical treatment of lesions in microlaringoscopia live in suspension with help of CO2 LASER, anticipating anyway multiple treatments.

Intraoperative vision of laryngeal Papillomatosis which affects the anterior two-thirds of both vocal cords with greater involvement of the Venstre