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Septal perforation

Wide nasal septum perforation in vision from the nasal cavity right
Wide nasal septum perforation in vision from the nasal cavity right

Nasal Ilsetto has two important properties: the first is to split the two nasal cavities by optimizing the passage of air ’, the second is to support the tip of the nose.

Nasal septum can punch for several reasons causing a variety of symptoms that can be of different severity based on the size, the shape and position of drilling. This condition can cause nasal respiratory obstruction, frequent nosebleeds, formation of abundant crusts, It can promote the formation of rhinosinusitis, You may have hissing during nasal breathing, perception of odors (cacosmia) and, rarely, the fall of the tip of the nose.

It can be caused by medical/surgical procedures (causticazione of epistaxis, nasal surgeries), trauma, abuse drugs Nasally (cocaine), septal abscesses (secondary to bruising), infections (diphtheria, leishmaniasis, leprosy, syphilis and tuberculosis), exposure to chromium fumes, acids and phosphorus, Autoimmune disorders (Granulomatous polyangiitis), in
trophic disorders (idiopathic ulcer Hajek), malignant neoplasms.

And’ always very important to identify the cause in order to allow a correct therapy.
Medical therapy does not permit the repair of the perforation but allows a significant improvement of symptoms especially in cases of autoimmune diseases.
There are many surgical techniques that enable a perforation, before which it is absolutely essential to stop taking cocaine ’ it a complex postoperative period without solving the problem.