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Oral cavity and oropharynx

Transoral excision Wharton duct calculation

Fig 1 Discharge of pus and blood from Wharton's duct right pelvic massage oral

In patients with scialolitiasi (Salivary gland calculi) submandibular gland can evaluate excision of Transoral route calculation (through the mouth). The procedure can be performed in most cases under local anesthesia. Continue reading

Forestier syndrome

Forestier's disease or idiopathic skeletal HYPEROSTOSIS (DISH) is a syndrome, with no known cause, characterized by the formation of osteophytes spinal cord with ossification of paravertebral muscles and ligaments.
Osteophyte and ossifications can remain asymptomatic for long, can limit spinal movement. Sometimes they collapse the pharynx and esophagus making it difficult transit of food bolus and cause dysphagia.
Radiological monitoring is recommended in the early stages of ossifications, in the case of important dysphagia can consider surgery.

Cocaine damage to his nose and face

Fig 1 hard palate drilling from cocaine abuse

Cocaine is a drug with anesthetic and vasoconstrictor effect, hired mainly for nasal.
Cocaine reduces the vascularization of the mucous membranes that crosses causing a major pain (Fig 2). The mucous membranes of the nasal septum and, subsequently, of the entire nasal cavity and nasopharynx go necrosis. You have a repair attempt with abundant secretions and scabs. In most cases the continuous exposure to this drug leads to a complete destruction of structures. In other cases, scarring attempts lead to the formation of granulation tissue (Fig 3) that tends to clog and completely close the nasal passages making breathing impossible.

Continue reading

Pemphigus and Pemphigoid

Soft palate bubbles in patient suffering from Pemphigoid

Pemphigus and Pemphigoid are rare autoimmune disease in which autoantibodies attack proteins of the skin and mucous membranes causing blister.
The blisters can affect all mucous membranes, including those of the mouth and pharynx, and the skin of the whole body causing painful lesions which create a great fluid loss, electrolytes and heat. In case of extensive injuries, dehydration and electrolyte loss may also be fatal. Pemphigus Vulgaris despite a correct therapy sees significant mortality.
Often mucosal lesions of the oral cavity and oropharynx may precede the skin lesions even several months, It is therefore important that the Otolaryngologist suspects this disease to correctly identify the problem and you can set the therapy that is based on immunosuppressive drugs.

Accidental ingestion of foreign bodies

Fish bone penetrated into the lodge right tonsil

Accidental ingestion of foreign objects is a frequent cause of evaluation at the emergency room. Foreign bodies can be foodborne (fish bones or bone) or toys (typical of children) or other materials (especially in psychiatric patients) and can penetrate mucous membranes aereodigestive tract and then have an evaluation by the Otolaryngologist. Continue reading

Laterocervical metastases from occult focus

Many cancers of the head and neck are characterized by an early spread to lymphatic structures. Some malignant cells can move through the lymphatic vessels and accumulate all ’ in a lymph node, where they can grow and give an inflammatory reaction that will increase the size of the lymph node/infectious and we speak then of Lymphadenopathy. Continue reading